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180 Credit Solutions is a company that offers services dedicated to credit repair. The company is based out of Texas, and it has been in operation since 2008. According to180 Credit Solutions, the company is able to get results in as few as 30 to 45 days. It also offers a 100 percent money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with its results. 180 Credit Solutions registered its services with the secretary of state, and it is 100 percent insured and bonded.

Company Overview

180-credit-solutions-credit-repair-logoProfessionals who have dedicated their careers to helping people improve their credit founded 180 Credit Solutions. These experts experience satisfaction when everyday consumers are able to make their financial dreams possible. The company uses credit repair methods that are fast and effective.

From helping consumers who have dealt with identity theft to aiding those who are battling credit bureaus to resolve credit reporting errors, 180 Credit Solutions is able to tackle various problems that can damage your credit score. Things that damage it include:

  • Multiple late payments to creditors
  • Too much outstanding debt
  • An excessive amount of credit cards

What Does Credit Repair from 180 Credit Solutions Entail?

180 Credit Solutions provides a free consultation to establish the best way to fix your credit. This may include determining ways to resolve:180-credit-solutions-credit-repair-2

  • Debt that is in collections
  • A bankruptcy
  • A foreclosure
  • Judgements against you
  • Late payment history
  • Charge-offs
  • A repossession

Plan to Participate in the Credit Repair Process

The company will ask you to order copies of your most recent credit report. You will then need to forward this information to 180 Credit Solutions. The company will assess the areas that are causing problems to determine the best ways to fix it. To repair your credit, you may need to:

  • Decrease the amount of revolving credit that you have
  • Pay off your debt instead of moving it to another credit card
  • Keep credit card accounts that you’ve had for years open
  • Avoid opening new accounts for discount or amenity purposes

According to  Mr. Topper, 180 Credit Solutions will advise you personally about adopting good spending habits to keep your credit rating in positive standing. The credit repair provider also claims that its service will help you gain the kind of credit rating that allows you to finance an auto or home loan as well as receive approval for credit cards that feature low interest rate terms.

Billing Information

180-credit-solutions-credit-repair-3Because every credit report is unique, 180 Credit Solutions doesn’t bill based on a flat rate. Once the company has assessed your credit problems, it will give you a repair quote. At that time, you can choose to go ahead with the service or take another route. If you and another person in your household are both facing credit problems, the company will give you a multi-person discount.

Credit Repair is Possible

While 180 Credit Solutions is unable to guarantee that its advice and services will fix your credit, resolving a low credit score is possible when you manage your financial health in positive ways. If you need guidance and direction, 180 Credit Solutions will be able to help you.