Select Page is a popular company for people who want to improve their credit score and credit report. The company works with creditors to challenge and change negative items, ensure report accuracy and help prevent future credit problems. These are some reviews to consider before signing up with the company. Reputation

creditrepair-logoThis company is recommended by news outlets and has been featured on television several times. It earns a good reputation for offering extra perks such as direct credit score monitoring. It has a relationship with TransUnion, which means that the company can pull credit scores for real-time monitoring without it negatively affecting the number. Also, the company maintains BBB accreditation and an A+ rating with the agency. Another bonus is that it offers a refund if agents do not complete the agreed work. However, consumers should read the wording on this guarantee very carefully and understand it before signing up. Quality Of Service

Since this company works directly with TransUnion, it has more power than most competing credit repair companies. One of the benefits cited in several online reviews is the useful education that comes with the service. While works to negotiate with creditors and credit reporting bureaus, the company also educates its customers on how to protect a credit score. Customers learn tips for staying out of uncontrollable debt and how to contact creditors or rdebteporting bureaus to stay on top of their credit. It is essentially a lifestyle makeover, and many people who use the service rate that as one of the best features. Value Of Service

One of the biggest complaints of this service is its price of $99 per month. There is no upfront fee on top of the monthly cost. However, this is too steep for some budgets. On its site, the company assures visitors that they will see an improvement of about 40 points in four months. Some people who used the service complained that the company was only able to get a few items removed, and others complained that it took about double that amount of time to get their points that high. For this reason, the company receives about an average rating for their value of service.

Is Worth It?

ratingThis credit repair service may not be right for everyone. There are cheaper services that can deliver about the same quality of work. For those who want a powerful education about keeping a good credit score on top of score improvement, the monthly fee may be worth it. However, customers should plan to use the service for more than a few months. Many of the most disappointed customers used it for less than the recommended amount of time.

Always compare at least five credit repair services before choosing one. Also, read plenty of reviews from unbiased third-party sites to ensure the company’s quality of service, legitimacy and cost.