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If you have ever experienced the embarrassment of a loan denial, you know how devastating it can be to have a credit score that doesn’t reflect your actual ability to make loan payments. People often have low credit ratings after major life events such as divorces, injuries or loss of work. Now that you’re back on the right track, though, it’s time to repair your credit score. Lexington Law can help.

About Lexington Law

Basic Details

Lexington Law is a full-service legal firm that handles a wide variety of legal issues but specializes in credit repair. Lexington Law began doing business in 1991. Lexington Law charges a one-time account setup fee and then continues to charge a monthly fee for continued membership. While your membership remains active, Lexington Law will continue to challenge negative items in your credit history with the goal of having those items removed from your credit report.

Business Practices and Success Rate

fixyourcreditLexingon Law does not have accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. However, out of 558 complaints processed by the Better Business Bureau over the past three years, Lexingon Law resolved all of them to the Bureau’s satisfaction.

Note that credit repair is a topic that causes many consumers a great deal of stress — and it is impossible for a credit repair firm to guarantee results. As such, consumers may be more likely to make complaints about credit repair firms than some other types of businesses.

In 2015, Lexington Law was successful in removing more than 7.5 million negative items from credit reports. On average, a typical client who remains with Lexington Law for at least four months sees a 24 percent reduction in negative items on his or her credit report.

How Lexington Law Works

Initial Setup

You have the legal right to obtain a free copy of your credit court from each reporting bureau once per year. Lexington Law invokes that right to pull your credit reports on your behalf when you create your account. Lexington Law imports your credit reports into their internal system, where you can view negative items and specify how you would like Lexington Law to dispute them.

Disputing Credit Report Entries

creditreporthistoryThere are many reasons why a negative item shouldn’t appear on your credit report. If you are a victim of identify theft, for example, your credit report may include loans that someone else used your identity to receive. If a lender sold your debt to a collector, the collector may have attempted to “re-age” the debt to keep it on your credit report illegally. You can even dispute an item on your credit report because of inaccurate details such as your address or the spelling of your name.

To remove negative items from your credit report, Lexington Law sends a dispute letter to each credit reporting agency — every month — challenging the agency and debt owner to verify the accuracy of the debt.

What Does Lexington Law Dispute?

Lexington Law can dispute any negative item on your credit report. Some of the most common items for which people require assistance include:

  • Leins
  • Judgments
  • Late payments
  • Charge offs

Lexington Law Membership Plans

Setup Fee

By law, a credit repair firm cannot charge a fee until it has rendered services. So, while Lexington Law does charge a setup fee, you won’t see the charge until you have been a member for 5-15 days. The setup see is $99.95 for the Concord Standard and Concord Premier plans. The top-tier PremierPlus plan has a higher setup fee of $119.95.

creditcardsConcord Standard

The Concord Standard plan is Lexington Law’s basic service level. Under this plan, Lexington Law will challenge negative items on your credit report each month until the credit reporting agencies remove them.

Concord Premier

When third parties pull your credit report — such as when you apply for credit — your credit rating can temporarily decrease. The Concord Premier service tier adds InquiryAssist, a feature that can help to minimize the negative effect of credit report inquiries. This service tier also adds active credit report monitoring and generates automatic notifications when your credit rating changes.


Do you already pay a monthly fee for an identity protection service? If you do, you can probably save a bit of money by cancelling your current service and signing up for Lexington Law’s PremierPlus service tier instead. In addition to all of the services included with the lower membership tiers, the PremierPlus tier adds identity protection and FICO score monitoring.