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Based in Dallas, Texas, MSI Credit Solutions can increase a customer’s credit score, dispute mistakes that a credit report contains, negotiate with lenders and evaluate updates on each client’s report. The business may also help an individual to establish new lines of credit, yet the company can decrease the number of inquiries on the customer’s credit report.

Providing Relief for a Client

msi-credit-solutions-credit-repairInitially, the company may send official letters that prevent collection agencies from contacting a customer, and the advisers can require the agencies to prove that they own specific debts. According to one report, more than 92 percent of collection agencies consistently attempt to obtain payments for debts before they verify that they own the debts.

Dealing With Errors

The company is able to remove unfavorable notes that are related to late payments, liens and bankruptcies. The experts can also modify notes from collection agencies, which may periodically add negative comments even if the agencies have not made contact with a customer.

Generally, the experts will deliver letters to the major credit bureaus, and the company may add a comment that contains approximately 100 words to each letter. Subsequently, the credit bureaus will typically fix the error within 30 days to 45 days. If an adviser calls the credit bureaus, the organizations may get rid of certain errors within 24 hours to 48 hours.

Analyzing Modifications

The business will monitor the client’s credit report and may offer notifications when an incorrect note has been removed. A client can also utilize the company’s cutting-edge platform anytime, and the tools will allow a patron to view reports that show increases in a customer’s credit score, indicate the client’s ratio of debt to credit, analyze the number of incorrect notes that a report may have and examine the median age of accounts.

Obtaining Credit

credit-scoreWhile a customer’s credit score is rising, the business can provide a list of financial institutions that might offer credit for the client, and the advisers may help the individual to consolidate debt, transfer balances and modify the number of payments for any loans. Likewise, the company can allow a customer to find unsecured credit cards that are designed for clients with fair credit, or the business may offer information about secured credit cards, which will typically require an initial deposit of $49 to $200.

The Prices of the Services and the Company’s Guarantees

Generally, the services have a cost of $98 per month, but if multiple customers request group services, each client might pay a monthly fee of $69. Sometimes, the business will offer standard services for an initial price of $30.

In most cases, the company guarantees that the specialists can augment each customer’s credit score by at least 50 points. If the increase does not occur, the business will provide a full refund.

Requesting More Information

Once you’re ready to learn additional information about the potential results of the services, you can evaluate testimonials ,frequently asked questions and various resources that the business offers. To set up a free consultation, a customer should submit the enterprise’s contact form. Additionally, a potential client can call 866-217-9841.