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Having a poor credit score can impact your life in many ways, but making the needed enhancements can seem all but impossible. If you would like to fix and repair your credit score, then turning to a credit repair company is a great option. In your search for the right service, you have likely discovered MyCreditGroup, but before you hire a company to increase your credit score, you might want to take the time to learn as much as you can.

Making an educated decision is the best way to ensure that you get the results that you want. Although some people simply pick a random credit card repair company, they are putting their future at risk. The following information will help you avoid that problem.


MyCreditGroup is a company that prides itself on the ability to transform people’s credit scores when they need to buy a house, rent an apartment or get a job. After you sign up, a team of caring experts will start by reviewing the items on your report. With this knowledge, they will determine what factors they need to address first to give you results as efficiently as possible.

No matter the status of your credit report, you will only need to pay a setup fee, and those who are married will be able to enjoy the couple’s discount. Although some people enjoy paying the fee upfront, others feel as though the $69 service price is too steep.

Credit Reporting Mistakes

creditreportThe three credit reporting agencies usually do a great job when it comes to providing accurate information to lenders. But in a study, 5 percent of consumers had false or misleading information in their reports. The first step in the credit repair process involves determining the accuracy of any negative marks.

When they find mistakes, MyCreditGroup will file disputes on your behalf, and this process is one of the quickest ways to improve your credit score. Most people don’t ever find out about the false information, and they are left wondering why they can’t make a positive change. Removing inaccurate data is a vital piece of the puzzle that you won’t want to overlook if your goal is to safeguard your future.


If you are having trouble making loan payments, then MyCreditGroup will speak with your lender to try to decrease the amount that you must pay each month. Although there is no guarantee of success, financial institutions would prefer to receive smaller payments than nothing. Lowering your monthly bills will decrease the odds of missing a payment and will protect your credit score from additional damage.

reviewFinal Thoughts

Only you can decide if MyCreditGroup is right for you, but the setup fee is only a small price to pay when you consider the impact of improving your credit score. Having a team of experts on your side will put your mind at ease, and they will do what it takes to help you reach your desired outcome.