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Poor credit ratings have a major impact on Americans’ lives. They can make it more difficult to gain insurance, loans, housing and employment. Some individuals avoid this problem by using credit repair services to remove false or duplicate information from their reports.

  • Quickly eliminate errors
  • Cut interest, insurance rates
  • Boost your credit score

park-view-credit-repair-logoPark View Credit is one of many companies that offer this service. The California-based firm examines each client’s record and files disputes with the appropriate bureaus. It eliminates up to 45 errors in one month.

  • Removes outdated information
  • Erases false data on late payments
  • Provides free consultations

Authoritative Reviews

A number of organizations have reviewed and rated Park View. praises it for operating call centers in the United States and providing a range of discounts. However, the website noted that it doesn’t offer telephone-based assistance on Sunday. ranked this firm as the eighth-best credit repair service. It applauded PVC for employing licensed lawyers but warned that the fees can become quite costly. This Park View Credit repair review rated the company 7.9 on a scale of 10.

Although the Better Business Bureau has received largely positive reviews from PVC customers, it assigned the company an F rating. The BBB warns that this firm lacks a necessary license and faces a lawsuit initiated by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Employee Reviews

park-view-credit-repair-2Glassdoor has collected over 20 reviews from PVC staff members. They rated the company an average of 4.1 stars. Many people praised the pay and working conditions, but a few complained about poor training, high-pressure sales tactics or rude treatment of customers.

Customer Reviews

More than 130 users have posted comments about Park View. It earned an average rating of 4.7 stars. Some individuals claim that the company boosted their credit scores by 100 to 200 points.

Eight Park View Credit reviews appear on Three-quarters of the website’s visitors rated it four or five stars. Nonetheless, 25 percent gave it one-star ratings. Some people praised the results; others complained about huge fees and poor customer service.

This company maintains a Facebook page and regularly posts brief messages about customer success stories and changes to its service. No users have reviewed PVC, but it has collected nearly 5,000 likes.

Yelp members give this firm 3.1 stars on average. Some are satisfied with the improvements in their scores, while others report high fees and little or no results. People also mention deceptive claims and long waiting times to reach representatives on the phone.


bad-creditThe BBB only gathered 26 complaints from PVC clients in the past year. However, 85 people reported problems during the previous 24 months. Most individuals complained about the firm’s service or its sales tactics.

One customer sent a detailed complaint to Rip-off Report in 2016. The person explained that company representatives contradicted each other and tried to charge higher fees than they originally stated. This individual received little more than a credit score in exchange for almost $60.

While Park View Credit appears to satisfy some clients, its customer service and pricing structure leave much to be desired. The firm frequently promises more than it can deliver.