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Sky Blue Credit Repair is a service that can help restore your credit history in about six months. It also works to educate you on how to better manage your finances to maintain your repaired credit. Established in 1989, Sky Blue Credit Repair is one of the leading credit restoration programs.

How It Works

creditsThe process for registering with Sky Blue Credit Repair is easy. Fill out the sign-up form on its website, and a counselor will send you an email that includes instructions for obtaining credit reports from the three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. The representative needs these reports to get started.

After receiving the reports, the counselor will evaluate them line by line, take note of any problem areas and then send you a list of disputable items such as derogatory accounts that don’t meet reporting regulations and other questionable items that you want to challenge. Review the items and ask for a personal consultation before approving the dispute process. Additionally, the counselor will send you a list of credit rebuilding and score optimization tips based on your situation.

With your consent, the counselor will challenge the derogatory and questionable items. The dispute letters are sent to the credit bureaus on your behalf, and the responses are directed to you via email so that you can see what’s happening as it occurs. If the credit bureaus don’t correct the disputed items, the counselor will send customized re-disputes to maximize the chance of obtaining results.

Other Required Information

Aside from the credit reports, other information that Sky Blue Credit Repair may need to review and process include

  • bank account details,
  • birth date,
  • debit and credit card details, and
  • Social Security number.

Your counselor may request additional credentials to review your case and resolve disputes if necessary.

Costs and Fees

There are a few costs that you should consider before registering with Sky Blue Credit Repair. As of October 2016, the company charges a setup fee of $59 that includes the analysis of your credit reports and beginning of the dispute process. There’s also a monthly fee of $59, which the company starts charging following the first month of membership. If you sign up for the service with a partner, the company will apply a 17-percent discount to these fees, reducing them from $118 to $99.

In addition to these costs, you must pay for third-party services. This is because Sky Blue Credit Repair doesn’t pull your credit reports for you. You can pay a one-time fee of about $30 for the reports, or you can pay about $30 per month for a monitoring service that also includes credit report monitoring, FICO scores and identity theft protection.

Pros of Using Sky Blue Credit Repair

ccbusinessOne of the biggest reasons Sky Blue Credit Repair is a leading credit restoration service is its team of experts. They analyze every detail of your credit report to find hard-to-detect issues that could ruin your reputation. The experts will also give you certain steps to follow to improve your credit score and provide supplemental educational materials so that you can learn more about finances and credit. The company’s website has a blog for further reading as well.

The team understands the importance of having a good or excellent credit score and how negatively a poor score can affect matters such as loan interest rates and mortgage application approvals. The team will submit up to five disputes to each credit bureau every 35 days. They take a personalized approach to your specific credit situation by sending customized dispute letters rather than templates.

Furthermore, Sky Blue Credit Repair has a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the results within the first 90 days of membership, the company will issue a full refund. Some other benefits of choosing Sky Blue Credit Repair include

  • A+ rating with the BBB,
  • affordable prices with a discount for couples,
  • easy and fast online registration, and
  • friendly representatives who are willing to explain the service.

Cons of Using Sky Blue Credit Repair

creditccshppongThere are a few downsides to choosing this credit repair program. The biggest are that there’s no account management system and only email updates. Although the entire process of restoring your credit takes a little longer than with some other companies, Sky Blue Credit Repair produces effective results.

Another problem that you might have is that it requires you to use third-party services to pull your credit reports. However, the company does well at directing you to reliable and reputable companies.

The bottom line is that you’ll receive quality customer service and effective results from the experts at Sky Blue Credit Repair. They work with you and the credit bureaus to restore your credit. It’s also a no-risk solution because you can cancel at any time and request a refund if you’re dissatisfied.