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Veracity Credit Consultants can provide a detailed credit report for each client, dispute erroneous notes that may be on a customer’s report, create detailed analyses of factors that can affect the client’s credit score, eliminate debts that have existed for more than seven years and offer custom tutorials. If an individual selects the company’s advanced plan, the business can also obtain documents directly from lenders and negotiate with creditors.

Evaluating the Credit Report

veracity-credit-consultants-credit-repair-review-logoAccording to a large number of reviews, the company is able to determine factors that could be reducing a patron’s credit score, and some of these may include negative notes, an excessive number of inquiries, a high percentage of late payments and a large amount of new accounts. Moreover, a high ratio of debt to credit can substantially decrease a customer’s credit score.

Disputing Errors

In order to eliminate a mistake, the specialists will send letters to the three major credit bureaus, and once the organizations receive the letters, they will generally evaluate the errors within 30 days to 45 days. When a credit bureau finds an erroneous note, the association will typically remove the error within 15 days.

Developing a Strategy

approvedMany testimonials have indicated that the company can force a creditor to verify a debt, and in many cases, collection agencies are not able to prove that they own specific debts. The experts will also ensure that a lender’s information is correct. Additionally, the financial specialists may set up a payment plan with an especially long duration. Numerous studies have shown that these plans can raise a customer’s credit score and may reduce the risk of late payments.

Analyzing the Company’s Service Packages

With an initial price of $69, the company’s standard plan will allow the business to process each customer’s credit report within five days to 10 days. This service package also provides weekly tutorials and high-quality tools that will evaluate updates on a customer’s report. After the client makes the first payment, this service package has a monthly cost of $49.

If customers select the advanced plan, Veracity Credit Consultants will offer custom strategies that can help clients to swiftly raise their credit scores. Furthermore, the specialists will directly prevent collection agencies from using unscrupulous tactics that are not approved by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and typically, the business can completely stop letters from the agencies. When a customer chooses these cutting-edge services, Veracity Credit Consultants will always provide the first service for free.rating4

Requesting a Free Consultation

If you have questions about the company’s services, you should view testimonials about the business and evaluate studies that the company has posted. To schedule a consultation, you can call 866-518-2194.